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Nexos Central Nexos Chile-USA is an organization of Chilean scientists living in the United States. Created in 2010 in Washington DC, it brings together professionals from different scientific backgrounds in different stages of training, from students to researchers with renowned careers. Nexos was born with the main objective of generating, supporting and strengthening collaborations between Chilean scientists in the United States as well as with their peers in Chile, which translates into our motto: “Creating networks for the scientific future of Chile”.

At the same time, Nexos seeks to be a space that generates a constructive and concrete discussion that allows:

  • To collaborate in the creation of scientific public policies that contribute to the research and technological development of our country. The evaluation of scholarship conditions, labor reintegration and agreements between Chilean and North American institutions are of special importance.
  • To represent Chilean scientists in the United States before the Chilean government and other similar organizations abroad.
  • To promote the Image of Chile through science.
  • To foster links between Chilean scientists in the United States, the scientific community in Chile and the Chilean government.

Nexos Chile-USA Directory: Nexos Central

Boston_Rodrigo Aguilar

Rodrigo Aguilar, PhD
Executive Co-Director
raguilarmaureira AT

Dr. Aguilar is biochemist and Ph.D. in Molecular Biosciences. He is a postdoc at the Lee Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)-Harvard Medical School. Rodrigo joined Nexos on 2016 as member of Nexos nodes and its public politics division. Nowadays, Rodrigo is executive co-director of Nexos.


Ricardo Fuentes, PhD
Executive Co-Director
ricfuentes AT

Dr. Ricardo is a postdoc at the Mary C. Mullins Lab at The University of Pennsylvania. Ricardo joined Nexos on 2014 as one of the organizers of the V Nexos Chile-USA Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From 2015 to 2017, Ricardo was the Nodes Coordinator. Currently he is the co-director of Nexos Chile-USA along with Rodrigo Aguilar.


Marcelo Díaz, PhD
Financial Director
mdiazbu1 AT

Dr. Díaz-Bustamante is one of the Nexos Chile-USA co-founders and is currently Nexos Finance Director. His main role is to administer sponsor donations to our foundation and also to find new sponsors, along with managing the non-profit organization in United States. He is in charge of the networking events between Nexos and other scientific organizations in Chile and abroad and to establish cooperation between Nexos and the Chilean Embassy in the United States.  


Constanza Vásquez Doorman, PhD
Nexos Director in Chile
Outreach and Communication Coordinator
Social Network Coordinator
cv.doorman AT

Dr. Vásquez Doorman graduated as Biochemist from Universidad de Chile and obtained her Doctor degree in Biological Sciences at Northwestern University. Constanza joined Nexos Directory in 2015 as Coordinator of Communication and Outreach, and from 2017 started as Director in Chile. Since she joined, she has also participated as Social Media Administrator. Constanza also has experience organizing and directing outreach programs, such as Jugando con la Ciencia, HERstory and mi Galaxia es su Galaxia, among others, in Chicago IL, and was co-founder and Secretary of the SACNAS Chapter at Northwestern University in 2012-2014.


Cristian Sandoval, PhD (c)
Web Manager
cristian.sandoval AT

Cristian is a Medical Laboratory Scientist graduated from Universidad de la Frontera and a PhD candidate in Morphological Sciences from the same institution. In parallel, Cristian also works as Research Assistant at Centro de Investigación en Morfología Aplicada (CIMA). His collaboration with Nexos started in June 2016 and since October 2016 works as Nexos Webpage Manager. Cristian is a member of the National Association of Graduate Researchers Chile (ANIP-Chile) and Member of the Society Civil Council of CONICYT-Chile.


Carolina Sepúlveda, PhD
Annual Meeting Coordinator
carola.sepulveda.n AT

Dr. Carolina Sepúlveda works at CD Diagnostic´s R&D Department, a subsidiary of Zimmer Biomet. She develops and validates immunological assays for the study of biomarkers in the synovial fluid to create diagnostics tools to detect diseases or infections caused in the joints. She started collaborating with Nexos in 2014 and has participated as program coordinator and meeting organizer of the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Alexia Nuñez-Parra, PhD
ReCh Representative
alexianunez AT

Dr. Alexia Parra is co-founder of Nexos Chile-USA and performed as Executive Director since the beginning of the organization in 2010 to 2016. In addition, she participated as President of the organizing committee of the annual meeting in 2010 and 2011. Alexia is Academic in the Neurophysiology Laboratory at Universidad de Chile. Her work focuses on studying how the brain makes sense of the stimuli from the environment and how these processes are altered in hypersensitivity conditions, such as autism.

Boston_Jo Tang

Yu-Wen Johanna Tang
johannat AT

Johanna is an engineer in molecular biotechnology at Universidad de Chile. Her main interest resides on the development of biotechnological businesses. Her previous role as Business Development Manager in Swissaustral Chile Ltda-a company dedicated to the development of processes and enzymes from extremophiles-allowed her to lead the Corfo project Go-to-Market using an extremophile enzyme. Johana joined Nexos in 2016 as member of the Boston Node and is currently in charge of marketing.


Macarena Rojas Abalos

Macarena has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master’s degree in Written Press at the same University, with a Postgraduate Degree in Project Management at Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain. In addition to being responsible for the press written in Nexos since 2014, Macarena is the Director of Content in Chile Científico.

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