Nexos Nodes

The different branches of Nexos throughout the US are called Núcleos Nexos or Nexos Nodes. These Nodes were created as an instance to facilitate local contact of Chilean scientists. Through these groups, we seek to generate local communities that can meet in academic and social activities, facilitating scientific interaction. In addition, the Nexos Branches are vitally important in the organization of the Nexos Chile-USA annual meeting.

In this way, starting in November 2010, groups organized in Arizona, Boston, New York and Philadelphia joined Nexos DC with the idea of ​​expanding the network of Chilean scientists in the United States. The level of enthusiasm of these groups grew over time and was consolidated by incorporating more participants.

At the same time, the Nexos group has found it necessary to generate an organized group in Chile. Nexos Chile-USA aims to represent the ideas and objectives of Nexos Chile-USA in our country. In addition, this group seeks to generate instances of collaboration between laboratories in Chile and the United States, facilitate the exchange of scientists between both countries and organize scientific talks in Chile focused on Chileans interested in perfecting their careers abroad.

Finally, one of the most important objectives of Nexos is to generate community identity. For this reason, we invite all those who want to be part of this group to join us, joining a node already formed or generating new Nexos Node throughout the country. To do it, click here.

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